Can you beat this for procrastination?

Yay it’s July, the sun is shining and we may at last be heading for summer.

Fantastic news but where on earth has the year gone?

I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for the school summer holidays yet!

I am such an expert at procrastination that I can take it to new lengths. Once I was reading a book that was giving hints about getting over it, I went off and read the book it referenced rather than actually get on with what ever job I was procrastinating about.

So the book referenced was Eat That Frog, the basic point was if you eat the frog or rather get the tricky thing out the way first thing on the morning the rest of the day just has to get better.

Hmm, I’m not completely convinced a frog smoothie is for me. Mind you it is all about green juices these days.

I generally procrastinate when I’m feeling overwhelmed – an all too frequent occurrence in even a Career Loving Mum’s life let alone a working mum’s one.

What I have found really works for me when I’m at my worst, is not to try and reason with myself but just to do something. Start a draft email, look up the number…

Any tiny tiny thing to move me towards my goal. It’s all progress and as the laws of physics tell us, it’s about Kinetics. Once we are in motion we may find we gather speed.

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