I coach Working Mums like you. Helping them be happy, confident career loving mums.

Have you always taken control of your life, building a successful career that has meant a lot to you and to your sense of purpose?

You may have prided yourself on actually being pretty damn good at it too, as has been evidenced by the progression you have made.

In fact it wasn’t about just succeeding at work; it was about succeeding at life.

Now, you are tackling the next challenge on your journey, one that whether you planned for it or not, is full of surprises: motherhood.

You are known as a working mum now, and it’s hard to remember who you used to be before you had that moniker.

These days life looks a bit different, a lot different. It’s vaguely recognisable in that some of the views are the same, but your thoughts, dreams, aspirations and motivations? Are they the same?

Who are you now? Maybe you are finding it hard to work out who you are, maybe you are surprised to find yourself wanting to be just a mum, struggling to imagine how you could possibly leave your baby with someone else so you can return to work.  What does work matter now your priorities have changed?

Or you might be afraid to admit it but you are actually looking forward to going back to work.  Looking forward to a hot coffee, adult conversation, work clothes and some semblance of the old you.

All these thoughts are buzzing around your head, only some of which can be discussed over coffee.

Perhaps, you have actually returned to work and are feeling the many burdens of a mother’s guilt: guilt about leaving your baby, guilt about not being able to work in the same way as you used to and even, maybe, guilt over your relationships, significant or otherwise.

You are a working mum but you are also a successful woman in her own right who still wants to make an impact and give value at work, all the while being true to yourself.

Not much to ask?

Actually it’s no mean feat.

I’m here to encourage you to take some time out, to think about the ways in which you can achieve this authenticity in your life.  To help you uncover the you are and all the things you have to offer in all areas of your life, be it thinking through childcare strategies or how to get your ideas across so you can make an impact at work.

‘Common sense, perhaps, but it’s sometimes important consciously to diarise thinking time rather than feeling like a helpless passenger rattling through days of back-to-back meetings.’  Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty and Mum.

The course for our coaching sessions does not have to be planned in advance. Each session will begin with the same question:

What would you like to think about today, and what are your thoughts?

How does it work?

We form a Thinking Partnership® in which there are several stages which flow smoothly into and out of each other.

In a quiet, calm, comfortable setting, we will explore your thinking – starting with the simple question – ‘What do you want to think about today, and what are your thoughts?’ You talk about whatever you would like to think through, whilst I give you my total attention – listening silently for as long as you are busy thinking, whether you are talking aloud, or in the moments when you may be silent.

I will ask you several times what more you want to say; it’s very likely that you will have more because of the generative environment we have created, so this stage may continue for quite some time.

When you’re sure you have done all the thinking you want for now, I’ll invite you to name an objective or further session goal; your thinking will have helped you to decide what you want to achieve.

If you have any assumptions that could stand in the way of achieving your goal, I’ll ask you some questions that will incisively reach the heart of these assumptions, enabling you to see and feel them from a different and more liberating perspective.

This process helps you to generate solutions and plans, that you can then take away, and make happen, in the knowledge that you’ve fully thought through, and determined your own course of action.

You may be astounded at what you have achieved.

Contact me to chat through how I can help you be all you want to be.