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It’s been a funny few years one in which I have found myself trying to be many things and play many parts.  I have always prided myself on ensuring I can do the work I love, AND be the mum I want to be. Or, at least, the one my daughter needs to be.

I am good at what I do, managing change, leading people through change be it a system, an organisation or an individual. I love working and collaborating, which is just as well as I only have me to pay the bills AND I have quite expensive tastes.

Not only do I believe in doing work I love, and am good at, for me, I believe in helping others do this too (and setting a great example for my daughter). So, when I became a Mum and combined the two, I wanted to make sure I do it in such a way as I help others do it too.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

So, having just given up a well paid job because the Mum part of my life was slipping badly and impacting my daughter. I am ensuring that the business I develop both lead to that goal.

While I have had some support and encouragement for doing this I have also been thought crazy, so I am going to make damn well sure other’s can with, hopefully less fear and aloneness, not to mention mum guilt.

Therefore, Career Loving Mum working mum coaching is going higher up my priority list and I have another new business: Purple Patch PMO.

With Purple Patch PMO I intend to offer all the Change and Project Management experience I have amassed over the last 20 years, to organisations who have neither the need or budget for a full time me, but could really use project management and change skills on a bespoke basis.

How does this help other working mums? Well, the plan is, if I can make this work for me (and for clients), I can then take on other working parents looking for flexibility without wasting all their valuable skills and experience.

Watch this space…

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