It didn’t happen to Elvis

Asking for help is never an act of cowardice, it’s actually a far braver thing than you could possibly imagine.

That is what I believe, but when it comes to me, it feels like failure. (I suspect we all judge ourselves far harsher than we view others. )

I am the one who coaches others to think better, brighter, clearer. I am the one who knows the questions to ask to help a muddled brain make a plan. I am the one who knows the tricks to help you feel confident, assertive and more you.

But, I am the one who walked into the doctor’s office and cried for five minutes before I spoke.
I am the one who uttered the words “I need help”. And then cried some more.

So, here I am.

I walked out of the doctors signed off for two weeks. I went straight to work. You get to a stage in your career where just dropping the ball is more stressful than spending two days putting plans in place. Two days of joining dots, writing plans, rescheduling workshops and delegating.

And crying.

Crying when having to tell Directors that I won’t be in for two weeks. Crying when HR offer help.

Crying as I left the building. I bet that didn’t happen to Elvis.



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