The Over and On it Working Mum’s Back to School

Dear fellow working mum,

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of a new School year AND work?

Imagine: Being confident in who you are, the choices you make AND the work you do

How much would you really like:

  • A clearer picture of who you are


  • Greater confidence in yourself

IS this YOU?

Already overwhelmed with the school juggle

Wondering who on earth you really are these days

Or maybe

You feel guilty because you love work and are worried that this makes you a bad mum

Any of this sound familiar?


Presenting: The Over it and On it Working Mum’s School

So what is it?

  • A process to overcome perpetual overwhelm
  • A guide to understanding who you are and articulating what is (and isn’t) important to you
  • Tools to build boundaries and resilience

This Over it and On it, Working Mum’s School package has been designed with you in mind.  It’s a mix of homework and in person (or virtually), so can be done in YOUR time, and your way.  Worksheets will be emailed, email support will be provided AND you have three 20 minute sessions or one 1 hour  in-person session with me.

All for just £199

So, let’s get Over overwhelm and On to knowing who you really are

You have enough on your plate right now, so I have cherry picked the fastest working tools and put them together to give you the boost you need to feel ready and confident on your return to work after the summer holidays are over.

Sign up now and get started right away with a bonus module.