I’m not just a working mum, I’m a career loving mum. I’ve always worked.

After I had my daughter, it became important to find a way to be a good mum while still being successful at my work.

Before I became pregnant I was a successful, freelance Management Consultant, merrily earning a six figure salary and not necessarily working that hard. I was, however, working full-time at a job that I was neither overly proud of, nor particularly satisfied by.

Now that I was a mother, it also became vital to set an example to my daughter; that she can be everything she wants to be.

So, I worked out all the things I am good at and areas I happily give my energy to, and I noticed that the common theme in all areas of my work was championing people and encouraging ownership and authenticity.

I have done this as an accountant, as a Head of Department reporting to the board and as a Management Consultant to blue-chip organisations. So, I started working as a Communications Skills trainer to learn tools I can pass on and I trained in the Thinking Environment with Nancy Kline to help others think their best, be their best.

Now I am a Life Coach, Maternity Coach, Trainer, and Change Facilitator on the Isle of Wight where I live, and I also work with amazing clients in London and across Hampshire.

I am lucky to be achieving the life I want because I have given myself time to think through and discover my talents, what is important to me (and what isn’t) and I’ve determined how to enable others to discover theirs.