Six weeks off…maybe

As my daughter loves saying at the moment, ‘its the six weeks off mummy’

The trouble is I’m not so good at switching off. I enjoy what I do so much I find ideas popping into my head at all times. This morning I recorded myself a voice message as a dressed just to know I had recorded an idea somewhere!

Another thing that I did today was I read two really interesting articles on the web, one in the Huffington Post 7 habits of highly successful Women and in the Dailyfail I mean Daily Mail around Women Mangers lacking in Personality.

The thing that jumped out of both of them for me was the need as women to take our image seriously. Not in a ‘where is my stylist ‘ kind of way (but yes please!); more in a who am I really.

It really is true that the quality of everything we do is based on the quality of the thinking we do first [Nancy Kline]

This being the case how much thought have you put into the impact you make, the example you set and how you would like to be perceived?

Is there some work to be done there?

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